Get Ready South Texas!!!!!!!

1089July 10-13, 2013 ~ Rockport, Texas

      This is a very special tournament paying tribute to a very special man.  Capt. John Uhr lost his battle with cancer December 30th of 2010…just a
few days shy of his 49th birthday.  He is greatly missed but his spirit was felt by all who participate in the Bastante. Johnny’s first boat
was named “Bastante”…which is a Spanish word meaning “a lot” or “more than enough.”  He was promptly nicknamed “Johnny Bastante” as a
kid…and will be considered a Texas Legend by most who had the honor of knowing him.  His stories will live on forever and so will our
memories of him as we celebrate his adventurous life year after year.

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  1. Fly…you ROCK!!! thanks soooooo much for posting this and…VIVA BASTANTE!!

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